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Classic with a touch of trend, comfortably chic, and minimal, yet sophisticated. If your style is like mine, take a look here for some fresh inspiration, and follow me on Instagram for daily style posts.


Having traveled to almost 40 countries and counting, with a previous career in the travel and tourism industry, and having owned a second home in another country, I have a few insider tips! Check here to follow my travels and for tips.


I’ve spent a lifetime striving for physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual well-being. Join me here as I share parts of my own journey as well as information from a variety of wellness experts. 

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Layover in San Juan? Here’s what to do

We recently went on an Eastern Caribbean cruise out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Upon our return to San Juan, we had a few hours to burn between disembarking the ship and heading to the airport. So we taxied to Old San Juan, luggage in tow, and explored the beautiful,...

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Cruise Style Guide: What to Wear on a Cruise

Picture yourself sailing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, island hopping in Greece, or cruising the Mediterranean Sea. Now stop for a second! What are you wearing in your picture? Friends and family, or even the world, will be following your adventures on social...

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Now What? 12 Tips to Finding Purpose in Midlife

If you’ve seen the popular TV show, The Goldbergs, then you’re familiar with Beverly Goldberg, a 40-something, stay-at-home, over protective “smother” with a penchant for bedazzled sweaters, who begins to question her identity and self worth as her three teenagers...

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