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Classic with a touch of trend, comfortably chic, and minimal, yet sophisticated. If your style is like mine, take a look here for some fresh inspiration, ideas, and resources, and follow me on Instagram for daily style posts.


Having traveled to almost 40 countries and counting, a previous career in the travel and tourism industry, and a second home in another country, I have a few insider tips! Click here to follow my travels and for tips, guides, and inspiration.


I’ve spent a lifetime striving for physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual well-being. Join me here as I share parts of my own journey as well as information and resources from a variety of wellness experts. 

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Jumpsuit Styling Tips That Work for Everyone

A jumpsuit can be the ultimate statement outfit, don't you think? In my opinion, the right jumpsuit can look more sophisticated than a skirt or pants outfit and bolder than a dress. Today I'm sharing five jumpsuit styling tips that work for everyone because 1)...

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4 Resort-Casual Outfit Ideas

"August is like the Sunday of summer." ~Anonymous I always savor the last days of summer as one clings to Sunday afternoons before the work week begins. Don't get me wrong, I love early autumn in Colorado with brisk mornings and the change of season visible all...

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Two (Clearance) Dresses I Wore in Newport Beach

Hi friends...hope your week is off to a great start! Yesterday was my daughter's baby "sprinkle," Relax! It's not what you might be thinking! It's a light baby shower for a second baby. Have you heard the term before? I think it's too cute. She's having a baby girl...

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