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Classic with a touch of trend, comfortably chic, and minimal, yet sophisticated. If your style is like mine, take a look here for some fresh inspiration, ideas, and resources, and follow me on Instagram for daily style posts.


Having traveled to almost 40 countries and counting, a previous career in the travel and tourism industry, and a second home in another country, I have a few insider tips! Click here to follow my travels and for tips, guides, and inspiration.


I’ve spent a lifetime striving for physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual well-being. Join me here as I share parts of my own journey as well as information and resources from a variety of wellness experts. 

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Summer Neutral Outfit and a Standout Accessory

My go-to color palette is always neutral. It's easy on the eye, you can mix and match neutrals, and they're foundational pieces that don't have to be boring...especially when you add a special touch! Today I'm showing a casual, neutral outfit for summer with pieces...

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My Healthy, Summer Bucket List

Ahhh, sweet summer...my favorite season! I decided to create a summer bucket list. Not just a list filled with fun activities, although I do have some of those, but one that would benefit my overall wellbeing. I already live an active and healthy lifestyle, but I've...

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