This is my year of shopping smarter, and one of the ways I’m doing that is by shopping my closet first. By taking pieces I already own and searching that item on Pinterest and Instagram, I’m discovering fun fashion inspiration. Not only is it fun, it’s also a great approach for making new outfits out of old clothes…and it’s good for my wallet, too! In this post, I’m sharing how to recreate new outfits from what’s in your closet with three looks I found on Pinterest.

For this process, I’m drawing inspiration from Youtuber Alyssa Beltempo. She recommends doing the following when recreating looks:

1. Break down the overall style vibe.

2. Take note of the silhouette and proportions.

3. Pay attention to any styling hacks.

That way, even if you don’t have the exact items, you can still get a similar look by approaching it this way. I hope you learn something from how I apply this process!

Tips for making new outfits from what's in your closet blog post from Lisa at

Look #1: Classic with a twist

The first outfit I’m recreating is from Fashion Jackson. I like everything she wears, but I was drawn to this tan, cropped, suede jacket because this is something I plan to update in my own closet eventually. Here’s what I see in this outfit:

  • The overall style vibe I’m getting is classic with a touch of edginess. A neutral color palette and the clean lines bring a sense of timelessness, and the distressed jeans and moto jacket add the edge.
  • This outfit has a straight silhouette with equally balanced proportions and colors.
  • The styling hacks I see include leaving the jacket open, giving it a more relaxed look, and tucking the shirt all the way in. She also matched her accessories to the jacket and shirt colors and added oversized sunglasses.

Casual street style outfit

While I don’t have a suede jacket, I pulled out my faux-leather jacket and added these other wardrobe basics. I can see myself wearing this often. In fact, after taking these pictures, I replaced the heels with these leopard flats (currently on sale) for the rest of the day. I felt great wearing this outfit!

Casual street style outfit from Lisa at

The black tee I’m wearing is worth mentioning. I love it because it has elbow-length sleeves and it’s a longer cut. If you don’t like showing your upper arms, or if you get cold easily, this $25 tee is a great wardrobe basic for spring and summer. It comes in regular and petite sizes. I actually own it in two colors, and I’ve had it forever.

Lisa from recreates Casual street style outfit

Look #2: Fresh and Youthful

I found the second look on Pinterest when searching for animal-print skirt outfits. The sense of youthfulness and freshness in this outfit drew me in. Here’s my breakdown:

  • By combining timeless pieces in an unexpected way, this outfit has a very cool and youthful vibe about it. She effortlessly mixes a classic and feminine midi-length skirt with simple wardrobe basics and a leather jacket.
  • I see contrast in the silhouette and proportions with the long fitted skirt and the cropped leather jacket.
  • For styling hacks, I notice the use of different textures, layered necklaces, rolled jacket sleeves, and how the sneakers add a touch of playfulness.

Leopard skirt outfit

I can definitely see myself wearing this for a transitional outfit between seasons. In the summer, I’d remove the jacket, add a hat, and knot the t-shirt at the waist, or wear it with my new white linen shirt that ties at the waist. I love it!

Leopard skirt outfit from Lisa at

Lisa from recreates Leopard skirt outfit


Look #3: Upscale chic

I was looking for new ways to style my blue Coach coat I’ve owned for 10+ years, and the softness and styling in this image captured me. While I don’t have a hat like this or a reversible Gucci scarf, I found inspiration from this picture.

  • My first impression of this look is upscale chic. The muted color palette and styling are very appealing to me.
  • The oversized silhouette of the coat and glasses are perfectly balanced with her other accessories.
  • The styling of this outfit is beautiful! Each element adds interest: the harmonious colors, draped scarf, rolled sleeves, interesting cap, and dramatic glasses.

Blue coat with tan accessories outfit

The only hats I have are summer hats, so I tried a few other ideas. I first tried my neutral beanie with this outfit, but my coat is more springlike, so I decided on a tan headband instead. My version doesn’t quite have the impact hers does, but I still like it and will wear this.

Blue coat with tan accessories outfit from lisa at

I hadn’t thought to pair my summery, watercolor scarf with my blue coat, but I really like it together. I found this scarf at Loft last summer. Mine is sold out, but here’s a similar watercolor scarf, also from Loft, in a gorgeous coral color. It’s under $25 using code NEWNOW. Rolling the sleeves is another fun styling hack, in my opinion.

Lisa from recreates Blue coat with tan accessories outfit


And there you go! This is the method I used to recreate new outfits using what I have. I hope you learned something by this process and are motivated to make new outfits by shopping your closet. Let me know if you think these outfits are hits or misses, which is your favorite, and if you’d like to see more posts like this. As always, thank you so much for stopping by!

xo, Lisa

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