I’ve always been a minimalist at heart. Clean lines, uncluttered areas, white spaces, and neutral or monochromatic color palettes bring me a sense of peace and calm. But until a few weeks ago, you wouldn’t have known it looking in my closet. It was packed with a mishmash of colors and styles I haven’t worn in years and won’t wear again, and it felt chaotic.

It’s better after I decluttered recently, but I still have more to sort through and clear out. And I have some gaps to fill, too, so I’ll be doing some strategic shopping this year. My goal is to build a well-curated closet with stylish pieces that stand the test of time. A big part of that includes shopping wisely. So today I’m sharing how I’m shopping smarter in 2020 and beyond.

Lisa from midlifeinbloom.com shares how she's shopping smarter in 2020


Shop my closet first

In the past year, I’ve decluttered my closet three times, and each time I discovered old pieces I liked, but never wore. One of them was this black maxi skirt I’ve owned for at least seven years. I was able to play around, style it different ways with items in my closet, and put it back into circulation. On my most recent purge, I rediscovered some of these pieces below that were buried or forgotten. Again, using other items in my wardrobe, I created some new looks.

Lisa from midlifeinbloom.com shows black pants and off-the-shoulder top and other wardrobe items

Lisa from midlifeinbloom.com shows a casual outfit with boucle jacketLisa from midlifeinbloom.com shows black pants and off-the-shoulder top and other wardrobe items

fringe jacket (newer version)  ||  polka dot blouse  ||  white booties  ||  off-the-shoulder top  ||  cropped pants  ||  heels  ||  necklace


Buy for my lifestyle

I live a pretty casual lifestyle. On most days around the house, I’m wearing these pants. I wear them ALL. THE. TIME! I’m wearing them now as I write this post. Not even kidding. I have them in two colors, and they’re the most comfortable things I own.

Even so, my husband and I like to dress up when we go out in Scottsdale or when we’re on a cruise (If interested, read about the places we like to go in Scottsdale and our most recent Caribbean cruise). The point is to make sure that what I’m buying is suitable for my mostly casual, often active/sporty, and sometimes dressy lifestyle.

Lisa from Midlifeinbloom.com shows cropped pants and striped sweatercargo pants  ||  similar striped sweater  ||  sneakers  ||  link necklace  ||  resale luxury handbags here and here

Press the pause button

One smart shopping strategy I’ve already put in place is pausing and waiting in order to curb impulsive purchases. A couple of times this month, I’ve had items in an online shopping cart, and I waited a day or two. And guess what? I didn’t buy them. After putting on the brakes and then revisiting the cart later on, whatever first grabbed me about the items was gone. The waiting worked!

Also, because I have a better understanding of my true style now, I’m more mindful of my style sense and my needs when the urge to buy presents itself. If I know, without a doubt, that I’ll love it and use it, then I’ll go ahead with it.

Focus on sustainability

As I’m working to build my capsule wardrobe, I’m filling in gaps with items I know will be in my closet for years, like this leopard-print slip dress from All Saints. At the same time, I’m learning about retailers who engage in ethical and sustainable practices as this concept grows in awareness and increases in importance.

Lisa from Midlifeinbloom.com showing a leopard-print slip dressslip dress with cropped sweater  ||  similar boots

These are a few retailers I support who operate with sustainable methods.

All Saints
7 For All Mankind
Eileen Fischer

One in, one out

Finally, when I bring something new into my closet this year, something old will have to go out. Whether it’s clothing, a pair of shoes, a purse, or jewelry, this will be one way to keep my wardrobe from getting too cluttered again, and it will make me think before I bring something new home!


And there you have it! These are five ways I’ll be shopping smarter in 2020 and beyond. I hope this has given you something to think about with how you’re shopping in this new year and decade. If you have other smart shopping strategies, please leave them in the comments, and as always, thank you so much for stopping by!

xo, Lisa

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