We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.

It makes perfect sense that everyone is getting spring cleaning and home projects knocked out now. I’ve been in Scottsdale for several weeks, but before I drove down here, I cleaned out my Colorado closet for the fourth time in the past year. Then when I got here, I decluttered my Arizona closet! This girl is on a mission to flip the 20/80 rule and build a well-curated closet with timeless pieces I actually love and wear. Today I’m sharing how I went about the process. I’m also giving tips along with 15 questions to ask when decluttering your closet. Have you done yours yet?

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Before decluttering your closet…

  • Set aside or schedule a few hours, an afternoon, a day or a weekend depending on how big the job is.
  • Have bags or baskets ready for the items you’ll give away, sell, donate, discard, repair, or that you’re unsure about.
  • Put on your favorite tunes to keep you motivated.
  • Do a quick once-over to weed out things you know you want to eliminate or will never wear again. This should only take 5-10 minutes and be fast and easy decisions; if you hesitate, put it back.

As you begin the process of decluttering your closet, I recommend that you TRY EVERYTHING ON. Well, maybe not the things you actually wear all the time, but definitely try on everything else. Then ask yourself the following questions about each item in your closet.

15 Questions to Ask

1. Is the garment comfortable and does it fit well?

2. Does this make me feel good about myself and flatter my shape?

3. Is it worth getting altered, and how soon will I do that?

4. When was the last time I wore this? Have I worn it in the last 12 months?

5. What condition is it in? Look for stains, rips, damage, stretched out fabric.

6. Can I repair, repurpose, or modify it in some way to make it work, and will I?

7. Do I avoid it because it needs dry cleaning?

8. Is it still in style, and does it fit my personal style or the style I want to have?

9. Would I buy this again today?

10. Is the item practical for my lifestyle?

11. Have I gone through major lifestyle or physical changes (like retirement and don’t need work clothes anymore, weight gain or loss, new social circles, etc.)?

12. How functional and versatile is it?

13. Can I wear it more than one way, or do I need to buy other things so I can wear it?

14. How many of this type of item do I already have, and do I need that many?

15. Will I really miss it if I let it go?


I hope these 15 questions are a useful guide for decluttering your closet. It’s such a freeing feeling to be clutter free! Take care, my friends!

xo, Lisa

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